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If you’ve been put in charge of planning a hen party, you’ve no doubt spent a few nights huddled over your laptop trying to put together the perfect evening for the bride to be. Organising a hen party can be hard to get right, and putting together than can please both the bride and her guests can seem like a bit of a handful. If you’re organising the hen party alone, chances are you’re maid of honour, which sadly means anything that goes wrong is going to come right back at you. The thought alone is enough to make anyone reach for the share-size bar of chocolate and a bottle of the strong stuff, but luckily, we’re here for you – put our planner to good use, and you’re sure to have a hen do filled with plenty of fun and free from disasters.


Invites & Guest List

When you’re organising a hen party, guest list can become a bit of an issue. Who you invite is dependent not just on what the bride wants, but on the other bridesmaids and invites. A hen party generally lasts a good few hours, if not a whole day or weekend, so you need to try and create a positive atmosphere. If two of the bride’s friends or relations can’t stand each other, it doesn’t make sense to invite both to everything. Chances are there’s going to be at least some degree of alcohol involved in the celebrations, so if you think they’re not going to be able to hold their tongues with a few drinks in them, make sure they’re not within swinging distance of each other. Everyone loves a good hen party surprise, but talk the guest list through with the bride to be. Chances are she’ll want someone there who you never thought of, or someone you considered a sure fire hit will have become a no-go.


Communication & Budget

We all know how much of a sticky situation budgeting can be, but remember when planning events for the hen party that you need to take the other hens budgets into account as well. Communicate with the guests and see if there are any activities they particularly want to do, put together a loose plan and a prospective budget, and email them all a price. Chances are that any budget is going to leave a few ladies unimpressed, but if you’re getting back a firm no from everybody, you’ll need to change some things around. It’s down to you to collect money and make sure everything is paid for ahead of time. A great way to handle budget issues is to have opt-out events – if you’ve planned a few things let people know they don’t have to come to all of them, or if it’s a weekend that they only have to stay one night.

Communication really is key. You may be planning a party for women you’ve never even met before, so make sure you’re in touch with them as often as you need to be. Ask for advice when it comes to planning, but don’t send out a vague email asking for ideas. Be careful not to over-communicate too. A barrage of emails will stress some people out, as will overly longwinded communications. You might be tempted to start a group chat, but you’re probably going to hate everyone in it after around two days of confused messaging, so it’s best to give it a miss.




When it comes to providing entertainment for a hen party, always remember you’re planning for the bride. A lot of the time, a hen party serves as way for the bride to blow off steam – so you better know if your bride is a party animal or prefers to take things easy. Some brides are going to want to go for a big night on the town, and others will want something along the lines of a spa day, or a fun night in. Fortunately, there are some entertainment solutions that suit both styles of bride.

Consider hiring out a mixologist for a home-based portion of the hen party events. You’ll be getting your cocktails made in front of you, and more importantly made right (we’ve all attempted to make a cosmopolitan before realising we had no lime juice and doubling up on vodka instead) by an experienced professional. This saves you from an evening of drinks getting steadily stronger whilst your judgement wanes, as well as freeing up your time to go and have fun instead of standing over a bar trying to mix things together. Have a chat with your mixologist about some sort of signature drink – they’ll likely be able to put something together if you tell them what the bride likes. If your bride isn’t a big drinker, most mixologists also offer a completely alcohol-free option.


When it comes to planning a brilliant hen party, there are a few rules to stick to, but don’t get bogged down in what you think a hen party is supposed to be. Feel free to think outside the box when it comes to activities and decor, but make sure it’s all in keeping with the brides own personal tastes. Don’t get saucy party favours for brides who are a bit more demure, and don’t go overly reserved for a bride that likes to party. Make sure it’s personal to the bride and hens – add little touches that make the night specific to you and your group, not just another night out with the girls. Putting together a successful hen night can be hard work, but with our planning tips it’s sure to be a breeze!


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