Anniversary Party Entertainment Ideas

Anniversary Party Ideas


Anniversary Party Ideas - Anniversary parties are very special events. It’s a chance for friends and family to come together to support and celebrate the continued commitment of two people who have remained very much in love. It’s also a chance for a couple to relive memories from their wedding day, however many years ago it may have been, and to share in those memories with the people they’re closest to. Planning an anniversary party is a lovely way to celebrate a milestone in two people’s lives, so we’ve put together a useful anniversary party planner to help you give them a night to remember.



First off, you have to decide on the type of party you want to throw. When it comes to anniversary parties, the decisions you make must be based entirely on the couple who are celebrating. Ask yourself some simple questions to help you decide on the perfect style of wedding: are they newlyweds, or an established couple? Do they prefer formal events, or informal? Big parties or more intimate gatherings? A lot of people will prefer a smaller anniversary party for earlier years, and the party size will increase the longer they’re married. It makes sense that if you’re organising a 50th anniversary, the guests of honour will have accrued more family and friends than a couple who have only been married a year or two.



When it comes to an anniversary party, what matters isn’t how much money you lay out, but how much sentiment is behind it. You don’t need to have a huge blow out party to impress, but it does make sense to put a little bit more budget behind the big anniversaries.


Guest List & Invites

This is all dependant on what style of party you decided on – remember, you’re inviting for the couple who are celebrating their engagement, not yourself! Accepted anniversary party invite notice runs at roughly a month for people who live within a reasonable distance, but if you’re inviting old friends from out of town then make sure they get an earlier invite so they can make travel arrangements.

anniversary party ideas


Etiquette isn’t something you really have to give much thought to for most events, but when it comes to an anniversary party there are some set rules you have to play by. It’s common practice for there to be speeches at even informal anniversary parties, so when you’re planning everything; make sure you leave time to the honoured couple to say a few words. As host, you’ll be expected to say a little something yourself, but don’t freak yourself out over it – a few words should do. If someone who’s very important to the couple is in attendance and you think they might want to say a few words too, don’t be afraid to speak with them about it just because it isn’t commonly done. Be careful when it comes to toast time though, there’s bound to be at least one person there who wants to soap box their views on what makes a lasting marriage. Stay in control, and have a backup plan to divert attention.

Another possible minefield is gifting. Some people will bring gifts, some wont, but the important thing is that you don’t make any mention of gifting on the invites. This isn’t like a wedding or an engagement where it’s expected of you to hand out a gift register.



If you’re hosting the anniversary party at a formal location like a hotel, chances are they’ll be able to provide you with a sit down three course dinner. If you still want to have a formal sit down dinner but aren’t organising a venue, consider having the meal at a restaurant – most will be happy to close off a section for you. If you’re at a venue and you want to keep the party informal, however, the food needs to follow suit. Think about a light buffet, or even a potluck. The only real cardinal rule is that there must always be a cake at an anniversary party.



What entertainment you choose for the anniversary party is once again dependant on the special couple’s own preferences. Would they prefer an understated vibe with some background classical accompaniment like a pianist, harpist, or string quartet? Some couples love swing music, so hiring a jazz singer to croon along to their big day could be really special for them. If the couple are real rock’n’rollers, it makes sense to throw them a party with some big musical entertainment like a live party band so they can dance the night away.

The entertainment at an anniversary party doesn’t have to be strictly musical, however. If you really want something different, consider hiring out a fun casino night so everyone can get involved in the festivities. Most casino companies provide personalised fun money along with their tables, which you can personalise yourself. You could put the number of the anniversary pride of place, or even a photo of the couple themselves!

Another fun option is a photo booth. Photo booths really encourage people to let their hair down, and it means people leave with a memento of the anniversary party in their back pocket that they can look at for years to come. You can get your photos double printed, so that the guests can keep their photo, and a copy is placed in a guestbook that the celebrating couple can take home and keep. Photo booths are an excellent party addition - they give everyone in attendance something to look back on fondly, as well as creating plenty of fun and games!


An anniversary party is a time for great celebration, so if you’re organising one make sure you don’t stress yourself out so much that you can’t enjoy it. The key thing is to keep the event totally tailored to the couple who are celebrating, and make them feel like the most important people in the world for an evening, no matter how many years they’ve been married. Friends and family are coming together to celebrate a milestone in the couple’s lives, so no matter what happens, it’s sure to be a happy occasion!


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Anniversary Party Entertainment Ideas:

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